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About Solex

Temperatures are rising, dermatologists are telling us to cover up, but we all want a great tan. The problem with sport is we have continued exposure to the sun, and we need to wear shorts and T-shirts to our moderate temperature. Too many players just don't re-apply as they don't want greasy hands spoiling their game, but this leads to harmful exposure.

We took all of these conflicting factors into consideration when developing the Solex applicator bottle and suncream. We wanted to find a way to offer an easy application that can be done throughout our activity without affecting our performance in sports we love to play. 

The subject of several patent applications, the unique features of the Solex applicator bottle and fulfil the needs of sun protection on the go.

With melanoma on the increase with around 17,000 new cases per annum and around 150,000 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancer per annum, (according to Cancer Research UK)  This figure increases to around 7.3 million new cases annually across Europe (according to European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology). 

Solex has partnered with The Melanoma Fund as it too is on a mission to encourage sports and outdoorsy people to adopt sun protection as part of their routine, to reduce the risk of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. We have joined forces to combine our advanced ‘application’ technology with the Melanoma Fund's commitment to skin cancer prevention, to break down the barriers around sunscreen application, caused by a greasy grip, an issue in most outdoor activities.

Through education and awareness, we aim to empower everyone to protect themselves effectively against harmful UV rays, while enjoying their outdoor activities to the fullest. 

Every purchase you make will contribute towards this charity’s great work.

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